Installing Craigseasy

Internet Explorer: How can I install it?

In order to install CraigsEasy, you need to right click on the "Easy" button, then Add to Favorites

Chrome: I can't see the bookmarks bar

  1. Open a new tab
  2. The bookmarks bar appears inside the page, above the Most visited section
  3. Right click on the bookmarks bar
  4. Select Always show bookmarks bar

Ipad: How can I add Craigseasy to my ipad?

Follow these steps!

Using Craigseasy

I don’t think I get it. How do I use CraigsEasy?

Drag and drop the Easy button to your bookmarks bar, then, go to your favorite classifieds website and search for a couch, a date or an antique. Once you have your search results, click on the “easy” bookmarklet. CraigsEasy will go through all the links, extract the images, and display them on the same page. Click on any of the images and you’re taken back to the original posting to which it belongs. Here's an example on how to use CraigsEasy Video

I clicked on the bookmarklet but nothing happened. Why?

Unless you’re on, as soon as you click on the bookmarklet, you should see a loading message. Give it a few seconds and your results will start showing up.

After clicking the bookmarklet, I’m getting an empty page. Why?

CraigsEasy extracts its images from a page’s links. If the page has no links or if the links have no photos, the resulting page will be empty.

I clicked on the bookmarklet, I see a loading message but it’s taking too long. What’s the matter?

When you click on the bookmarklet, CraigsEasy does its best to go through all the links on the page as fast as possible. Sometimes, there are many links to go through and it can take a few seconds to extract the photos. We understand your frustration and we’re working on making our service faster, please be patient with us :)

General FAQs

What websites does Craigseasy support?

Craigseasy is designed to work with any website but optimized for the following:

Is CraigsEasy free?

Yes. CraigsEasy is totally free and intends to always be.

What's your connection with Craigslist®?

Craigseasy is not affiliated in any shape or form with Craigslist®. We support visualizing all classifieds websites, including Craigslist®. That's just about it :-)

I have an idea for you guys, how can I share it?

We would love to hear your feedback. You can communicate with us via the feedback button we have on every page, our Facebook fan page, Twitter or Email.

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